17 June 2013

Announcing DashLocker Home Delivery

DashLocker is excited to announce FREE home delivery for concierge buildings! If you have a concierge, simply fill out this form (don't forget to include your apartment number!) and one of our DashLocker specialists will set up your location for free home delivery.

Concierge locations are a little bit different than Locker locations because there's no need to load or lock your items into a locker. Just drop your items off at the concierge and place your order online, by text, or using our new iPhone mobile app.

Dash Drivers will visit your location and pick up your VIP DashLocker bag. You'll get the same email notifications and laundry tracking capabilities you've come to trust at other DashLocker locations.

Home delivery is an easy option for busy New Yorkers that appreciate the convenience of the concierge but also need auto billing and tracking services to feel that their clothes are secure-- not to mention are superb customer service desk!

We hope you'll try out DashLocker home delivery with your concierge soon! Just click here to get started.

13 June 2013

New UES 24/7 Dry Cleaning Locations

DashLocker installed two new 24/7 dry cleaning locations on the Upper East Side last week. A total of sixteen lockers were placed in two residential buildings, where residents can pick up and drop off dry cleaning and wash & fold any time of day. These locations can only be used by residents, and service a total of 155 apartment units.

Ten lockers were installed at 231 East 76th Street on Monday, June 10th. The lockers are in the basement of the building, and tenants can create their free online account to place a pick up request. 

On Friday, June 7th, we installed six lockers at 340 East 52nd Street. These lockers are also in the basement, conveniently located near the elevator for dry cleaning drop off. 

DashLocker now has eight dry cleaning spots on the UpperEast Side, two of which are 24/7 dry cleaning kiosks that all customers can access any time of day or night by swiping their credit card.

7 May 2013

DL Press: AdWeek

DashLocker was featured in AdWeek yesterday with an in-depth, three page article by Robert Klara that described the nuts and bolts of the DL apartment strategy.
The article started off on a light note with a delightfully mussy pic of our founder, then deep-dived into our apartment-hunting strategy.

 Many AdWeek readers jumped to our website, where I had the opportunity to chat with them using our incredibly handy Olark subscription! Some visitors were simply curious marketing mavens who wanted to check out our branding. Others were NYC customers looking for some laundry services. The #1 question I heard? "How do you choose which apartments to go in?"

The answer? You tell us! Landlords and tenants alike reach out to see if DashLocker would be a good fit for their buildings. We dispatch someone from our awesome sales team and they arrive on location with a measuring tape and a cell phone camera. They measure the space, take pictures, and then we're good to go! There are no costs for buildings, and we will go into buildings with as few as 16 units and as many as 1,000 units.

If you'd like to request lockers in your building, click here. We also offer free home delivery to concierge buildings.

2 May 2013

Pencil Factory Wine and Cheese Event!

We gave out swag bags and fun socks!
DashLocker visited the Pencil Factory at 122 West in Greenpoint this week to give away some swag, wine, and cheese during an after work party. The spread was delicious (especially the honey infused goat cheese paired with the rosemary raisin crostini), and we loved being able to chat with the residents of our new location.
Ariele, our VP of Business Development, gave out snacks to residents.
 The event provided some much needed mid-week relaxation for residents, and parents socialized while their adorable children played in the lobby. It was great seeing residents getting to know each other!

The party finished three bottles of wine-- that's how you know it was fun!
Do you have DashLocker in your building? If not, you can request it here, but if you DO have lockers in your apartment, feel free to request a visit from the DashLocker team! Just email [email protected] and we'll schedule a time to throw a bash for you and your neighbors.

For more pictures from the event, and for special sales and promotions, like our Facebook Page.

30 April 2013

Co-op & Condo Expo Wrap Up!

On April 16th we headed to the Cooperator's Co-Op and Condo expo to talk to New York City property managers and board members about DashLocker, the new laundry amenity on the real estate scene!

We put together a full display, including the famous DashLocker wheel. Property managers, brokers, and visitors spun to win DashLocker gear, including green, reusable bags, coasters, socks, T-Shirts, and even a dinner with a member of our sales team.

 Of course, our decked-out display locker made a prominent appearance. In the limited space of most NYC apartments, some owners can't even fit a laundry room for tenants in the building. We hear over and over that the space just isn't there.... but once we show the dimensions of our lockers, everyone is convinced it can work! With no hookups, Wi-Fi, or electricity, these babies are made for snug spaces. Not to mention, one locker services 20 apartment units. Now that's space efficient!

We also got to spend one last event with Laundry Locker alumna Holly Nugent, whose experienced advice helped us take the New York City Real Estate space by storm these past few months. You can see her smiley face spinning the wheel in the above picture!

It was great meeting so many other great services for buildings at the Co-Op show, and we definitely had some awesome take aways (including the fake cockroaches Bell Environmental Services scattered around their booth!) Here's to seeing everyone again at next year's show!

Before we forget... have a building that needs a low space, no cost amenity? Let us know and we'll send out one of our talented sales people to check out the space!

20 April 2013

DL Press: New York Real Estate Journal

The New York Real Estate Journal announced our new partnership with Benchmark. We've teamed up to provide in-building dry cleaning, wash & fold, shoe shine, and package delivery to several of their NYC apartment buildings.

65 Bank Street, a Benchmark building, has dry cleaning lockers
located in the basement. 
Our favorite part of the article? When it quotes our VP of Business Development, Ariele! You may recognize her from some of our DashLocker marketing materials-- in addition to spotting new homes for our lockers, Ariele moonlights as our DL model. She's made for fame!