6 October 2012

Decoding Fabric Care Labels

Your clothes are talking to you. Okay, not literally, but they still have a lot to say—if you know where to look. 

Every item of clothing has a tag with weird, hieroglyphics from ancient Egyptian times. If you have the right knowledge, you can interpret this code and figure out what your clothes are really saying.

Don’t worry about heading back to college—we’ll give you a crash course on reading fabric care symbols because we love laundry (and we care about your clothes!)

Fabric care labels explain how to properly clean your clothing. Reading and listening to these labels is REALLY important because it helps your clothes last longer and prevents the ruining of fabric.

This colorful guide lets you know what each label means and can help you decide if that wool sweater needs to be line dried or if your fancy jeans need dry cleaning.

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