24 September 2012

Locker-mentum: Taking New York City by Storm!

If you live on the Upper East Side of New York, chances are you've passed a DashLocker location or seen our awesome street team giving out free laundry. But maybe you've wondered: Why lockers? 

Lockers are about to blow up big time. No, not nuclear bomb style-- we're saying that lockers are going to be bigger than Snookie's poof during a night out on the Jersey Shore. How do we know? 

Lockers let busy people operating on strict schedules handle tasks and chores on their own timetable. Forget waiting around for that FedEx delivery, now you can have packages delivered to a 24/7 accessible locker location and pick it up whenever you want. Plus there's a whole host of companies testing out their functionality. 

BufferBox, a pin-code operated 24/7 accessible box for package delivery, opened five locations in Canada since 2011. Now Amazon is hopping on the locker-train with "Amazon Lockers" for package delivery.

But the DashLocker concept does you one better. We install lockers directly into apartment buildings and we deliver packages AND dry cleaning, wash & fold, and shoe shine. Drop your clothes off in a locker anytime and pick up-- you guessed it-- anytime. 

The use for 24/7 accessible lockers is endless, especially for busy New Yorkers who work longer than the average 9-5. Why stop at package delivery? 

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  1. Isn't this just a glorified version of P.O. Boxes? Still, it doesn't change the convenience it brings for both picking and packing service and recipient.