4 November 2012

Fall Fashion Care: Jeweled Collars

One of my favorite pieces is now back this fall season: sweaters with jeweled collars! I somehow never outgrew the era of large jewelry, so I’m thrilled to see this trend back in style. From Alberta Ferretti’s chic, soft statement collars to the leather and metal collars from Luis Vuitton, the look has been all over the runway—and the streets of NYC.

Richard Chai's fall 2012 collection features delicate,
whimsical, and hard to wash collars!
There’s just one hitch: how does one clean a stunning sweater with such a delicate neckline? This piece cannot be laundered in a regular machine—the rhinestones may break off or chip, and the setting for the stones could also be damaged.

Unfortunately, the only way to safely clean this fall trend is by hand washing the sweater or sending it to the cleaners, who will hand wash the piece for you.

To hand wash, fill a basin with a small amount of water—just enough to soak the sweater. Mix the water with .5-1 tablespoon of detergent. Stir until you start to see suds.

Then dunk your sweater into the cold water and swirl it around until the sweater is completely soaked. Using your hands only, scrub some of the dirtier areas of the sweater, like the armpits or sleeves.

Remove the sweater and gently squeeze out excess water. Then dump out the soapy water and refill the basin with cold, clean water. Immerse the sweater and rinse until it is suds free.

Finally, remove the sweater and hold it above the basin until the water stops dripping. Don’t wring the sweater—it could end up wrinkling the fabric! Dab the sweater with a dry towel to remove the excess water and hang dry. Use the now moist towel to dab the jeweled collar, shining stones and buffing metal as needed.

There's no denying it; statement collars are fabulous! But they can be expensive, so care for your investment by properly cleaning the item to avoid irreversible damage from stains or dirt. 

Do you have a favorite fall sweater with a jeweled collar? Post a picture and tell us about it!

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