14 October 2012

How DashLocker’s Laundry Tracking Software Works

Ever wonder how DashLocker knows whose laundry is whose once it’s loaded into a locker? It’s all because of the amazing San Francisco developed software, DropLocker.

Part of the DashLocker mission is to bring dry cleaning into the 21st century, and that’s why the DropLocker software is so integral to our system. It lets us track clothes from the minute they enter our system until the moment of pick up.

Here’s how it works: A customer (let’s call him Jim), loads his clothes into a locker. Since he’s used Dashlocker before, he has a personalized garment bag with a scannable barcode tied to his DashLocker account. He then locks his locker and leaves.

Our drivers swing by and use their smart phones to scan the customized DropLocker tag on each locked locker and the tag on the bag inside. This process connects each locker with the bag inside it. That way, if Jim calls and says he left his bag in locker 13, we’ll be able to open up a history of locker 13 and check the times, dates, and owners of each bag placed inside. Now that’s a lot of information!

DashLocker is fiercly committed to transparency, and the DropLocker software helps us communicate with customers. When a bag is scanned,an email is automatically sent to the customer that their laundry has beenpicked up. This way everyone stays in the loop!

Next we take the bags to our processing facility, where our mark-in attendants scan each bag and create orders online for dry cleaning,wash & fold, and shoe shine.

Wash & fold orders are put aside to bring to our vendor. Dry cleaning items have one more step. Our mark-in attendants empty each bag and examine all of the items. If the item has been washed with us before, they scan the unique tag on the item. If not, they attach a new tag to the item in anunobtrusive place that will not harm the fabric. At this point, we now have a list and picture in our system of every item sent to us for dry cleaning.

After examining each item for tears, stains, and damage, the attendants bring all of the clothes to our vendors. Our dry cleaning vendor washes the clothes and scans each item before placing it into a bag. If a bag went to our vendor containing 12 items and only 11 items are scanned and placed into the bag , the system will inform us. We will also be able to see a picture of the missing item. This system has resulted in exactly ZERO misplaced items. Now that’s amazing!

Next, our drivers pick up our bags from the vendors and scan each bag back into our processing system. They then bring the bags to the drop off location. When they place a bag into a locker, they scan the DropLocker tag of the locker and then the bag, which sends a text and email alert to the customer that their bag is ready for pick up!

We love love love our software—and we know you do, too! 

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