Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Introducing New Dry Cleaning Customer Care Stations!

Location: 220 E 79th St, New York, NY 10075, USA

Huzzah! We’ve added a new feature at our retail locations on the Upper East Side

At DashLocker, we’re all about figuring out ways to make the drop off process easier and more intuitive. Although many people love having a personalized, online account to leave notes and track orders, other customers prefer to set up their online accounts and then never use them again!

Our new Customer Care Stations are filled with 
goodies that will make it easier for customers to 
communicate their dry cleaning needs without 
logging into their DashLocker accounts. 
In order to cater to all of our customers, we decided to install Customer Care Stations at each of our retail locations. Our Customer Care Stations make it easy to communicate with the DashLocker mark-in team without using an online account. 

The Customer Care Station is stocked with “Stain Stickers” for customers to stick on stained clothing. It also includes safety pins for pinning non-stick tags (like “Special Care Tags”) to damaged clothing. It even has the special non-bleed pens that dry cleaners use behind the scenes. All the tags are wash and fabric friendly, plus they’re bright and easy for our mark-in attendants to see when they’re examining clothing.  

The Customer Care Station has an awesome counter so you can spread out your clothing and examine items for stains and tears. 

Plus, the Customer Care Station makes it easier for first time users to get started by including easy to attach tags with space to write a name, phone number, and email.

Our DashLocker mission is to make dry cleaning more convenient, more transparent, and more user friendly, and our Customer Care Stations will do just that!

Have a question or observation about the Customer Care Stations or ideas about how we could make the dry cleaning process even better? Let us know in the comments!

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