Saturday, 29 September 2012

How to Store Summer Clothes

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It's almost October, and that means it's time to stash those summer dresses, chino shorts, and linen shirts before autumn sets in. Whether they're headed to a closet or a storage unit, summer clothes should be stored properly to preserve the fabric. Improperly stored clothing can be ruined by stains, moth damage, or mildew.

Here are some handy how to tips for storing summer clothes so they're bright and damage free come next season!

First, make sure all your clothes have been properly cleaned. Even if you can't see food or other marks,  invisible spots can set or become moldy over the winter. Small food particles can also attract insects, possibly ruining an entire box of clothes. Insects are also attracted to starch, so make sure to request no starch on your laundered items.

Next check out the temperature in the area where you're storing your clothes. Is it relatively cool or does the temperature change often? Stable, cool environments are best for storing clothes. Wipe the area down with bacteria killing cleaners to remove dust, mold and insects-- and don't forget to vacuum!

Storing clothes can be a chore, but it'll be worth it when winter is over and you open up a box of fresh and clean smelling summer duds!

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Barcode Your Clothes? How the Laundry Industry is Riding the Tech Wave

Dry cleaners in New York City are pretty much synonymous with dirty storefronts and crumpled up, hard to read receipts. The last thing any New Yorker would expect is machine readable barcodes attached to every item sent in for cleaning.

DashLocker does things differently. Part of what sets us apart is our commitment to transparency through cutting edge technology. We know when clothes are picked up from lockers, when they arrive at our processing system, and when customers snag their clean clothes from our locations. That's because every bag has a unique barcode that we scan at every stop in our system.

We take transparency even further by tagging every item sent in for dry cleaning with a unique barcode, as well. We place these small barcodes where no one will see them-- usually on garment tags. We even take a picture of each item as it goes through our system.

Why barcode? Because it helps us (and you) keep track of your clothes! Each item is visible through the "My Closet" page of your DashLocker account so you can see how many times you've dry cleaned your dress or the last time your suit was cleaned.

Barcoding also helps us make sure every article of clothing is returned to you. Everybody has a dry cleaning horror story-- the cleaners lost your favorite skirt, your best dress shirt, or your winter coat. When we process dry cleaned items for return, our barcode system lets us know if any bag does not have all of the items it was sent in with, adding an extra level of security so you can rest assured your clothes are being cared for.

DashLocker is bringing laundry to the 21st century-- care to join us?

Monday, 24 September 2012

Locker-mentum: Taking New York City by Storm!

If you live on the Upper East Side of New York, chances are you've passed a DashLocker location or seen our awesome street team giving out free laundry. But maybe you've wondered: Why lockers? 

Lockers are about to blow up big time. No, not nuclear bomb style-- we're saying that lockers are going to be bigger than Snookie's poof during a night out on the Jersey Shore. How do we know? 

Lockers let busy people operating on strict schedules handle tasks and chores on their own timetable. Forget waiting around for that FedEx delivery, now you can have packages delivered to a 24/7 accessible locker location and pick it up whenever you want. Plus there's a whole host of companies testing out their functionality. 

BufferBox, a pin-code operated 24/7 accessible box for package delivery, opened five locations in Canada since 2011. Now Amazon is hopping on the locker-train with "Amazon Lockers" for package delivery.

But the DashLocker concept does you one better. We install lockers directly into apartment buildings and we deliver packages AND dry cleaning, wash & fold, and shoe shine. Drop your clothes off in a locker anytime and pick up-- you guessed it-- anytime. 

The use for 24/7 accessible lockers is endless, especially for busy New Yorkers who work longer than the average 9-5. Why stop at package delivery?