4 October 2012

Meet Ariele, DashLocker’s New VP of Business Development

DashLocker first opened its doors on the Upper East Side in June, and since then we’ve been growing faster than your laundry pile. Three apartment locations rolled out last week and three more storefronts are opening this October.

All this growth made it clear we needed someone on board to facilitate locker placements. So without further ado, allow me to introduce Ariele Gonzalez, our new Vice President of Business Development!

Before Ariele, building management companies, brokerages, and landlords had been contacting us with proposals for locker placements in apartment buildings. Meanwhile, a spreadsheet of apartment leads was growing, submitted by enthusiastic customers AND wanna-be customers—those unlucky folks living too far from our retail store but in need of a 24/7 accessible dry cleaning location.

We wanted nothing more than to be in their basements, but our team was swamped with planning openings, managing accounts, and processing orders. We knew we needed a dedicated member to collect and connect with apartment leads.

Enter Ariele, a rock star business developer with five years of experience managing relationships with professionals in the publishing industry.

Ariele is our dedicated contact for apartment owners and building managers, and anyone else interested in finding a home for our lockers! Contacts can now expect great personal interaction with one dedicated team member, allowing new placements to move faster and facilitating strong partnerships. Plus now our operations team can focus on processing laundry!

Thanks to our new VP, we've been able to make the chores of dry cleaning, wash & fold, and shoe shine that much easier for three apartment buildings in New York. Our lockers moved into their basements last week and now these tenants can do their dry cleaning in slippers!

If you’re interested in adding this amenity to your building, shoot Ariele an email or call her at 646.912.2029! I bet she’d be happy to hear from you.

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