Attract Tenants with a No Cost, Self Service Dry Cleaning Amenity

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Dry cleaning is the staple of a New York City apartment lobby. It’s messy, difficult for doormen, and a hassle for tenants. Isn’t it time something changed?

DashLocker is a no cost amenity that places secure lockers in underutilized building spaces. Tenants can dry clean without leaving the building and without bothering the doorman.

“You don’t see this offered in many other buildings. I think it’s one way our tenants will recognize that we are looking outside the box.”
- Aaron Feldman, co-founder of Benchmark Real Estate

  • No cost to install
  • Very little space required (6’ of wall space for a 100 unit building)
  • Increase building’s long term worth and tenant satisfaction
  • Hands off amenity—DashLocker services and provides quality customer support