17 June 2013

Announcing DashLocker Home Delivery

DashLocker is excited to announce FREE home delivery for concierge buildings! If you have a concierge, simply fill out this form (don't forget to include your apartment number!) and one of our DashLocker specialists will set up your location for free home delivery.

Concierge locations are a little bit different than Locker locations because there's no need to load or lock your items into a locker. Just drop your items off at the concierge and place your order online, by text, or using our new iPhone mobile app.

Dash Drivers will visit your location and pick up your VIP DashLocker bag. You'll get the same email notifications and laundry tracking capabilities you've come to trust at other DashLocker locations.

Home delivery is an easy option for busy New Yorkers that appreciate the convenience of the concierge but also need auto billing and tracking services to feel that their clothes are secure-- not to mention are superb customer service desk!

We hope you'll try out DashLocker home delivery with your concierge soon! Just click here to get started.

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