30 April 2013

Co-op & Condo Expo Wrap Up!

On April 16th we headed to the Cooperator's Co-Op and Condo expo to talk to New York City property managers and board members about DashLocker, the new laundry amenity on the real estate scene!

We put together a full display, including the famous DashLocker wheel. Property managers, brokers, and visitors spun to win DashLocker gear, including green, reusable bags, coasters, socks, T-Shirts, and even a dinner with a member of our sales team.

 Of course, our decked-out display locker made a prominent appearance. In the limited space of most NYC apartments, some owners can't even fit a laundry room for tenants in the building. We hear over and over that the space just isn't there.... but once we show the dimensions of our lockers, everyone is convinced it can work! With no hookups, Wi-Fi, or electricity, these babies are made for snug spaces. Not to mention, one locker services 20 apartment units. Now that's space efficient!

We also got to spend one last event with Laundry Locker alumna Holly Nugent, whose experienced advice helped us take the New York City Real Estate space by storm these past few months. You can see her smiley face spinning the wheel in the above picture!

It was great meeting so many other great services for buildings at the Co-Op show, and we definitely had some awesome take aways (including the fake cockroaches Bell Environmental Services scattered around their booth!) Here's to seeing everyone again at next year's show!

Before we forget... have a building that needs a low space, no cost amenity? Let us know and we'll send out one of our talented sales people to check out the space!

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