18 April 2013

You Asked, We Listened!

About four weeks ago DashLocker switched to daytime deliveries. This has allowed us to better service our many new dry cleaning locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. In order to service each location our vans leave at 9am and return by 3pm. Our drivers have a new route every day, calculating in the morning based on which locations have orders.

Our old delivery schedule had to be thrown out the window, but many die-hard DashLocker users wanted a new schedule that would apply to all of our locations. Without further ado, we present our new service schedule!

Of course, these delivery times are estimates and some items may be held for extra cleaning or servicing. Still, this schedule will apply to the majority of orders and can be used to plan for your clean laundry deliveries! 

Don't forget-- if you use an on demand DashLocker location, orders must be placed before 9am for same day pick up. 

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