Friday, 28 December 2012

The Future of Dry Cleaning is Now!

Location: Upper East Side, New York, NY, USA

This fall, DashLocker worked with Laura Kightlinger, former Saturday Night Live writer and actress, and a top-notch production team from California to produce three hysterical videos about the future of dry cleaning.

The team spent a full day shooting, starting at 6:30am. I know because as an extra, I had to be there, too! We set up shop next door at the Comic Strip Live, the local comedy club and our amazing neighbor, who generously allowed us to use their lobby as a dressing room.

While Laura was prepping, the film crew tinkered with the lighting and camera angles in our 24/7 dry cleaning location at 1566 2nd ave. As the  closest to Laura in height and build, I got to stand in so that the team could get the right camera angles while she was getting ready next door!

The production team shut the DashLocker store down and put drapes all across the front windows so they could control the lighting and prevent glare. I sat out front, there to help the customers who came to drop off or pick up laundry. With my giant headphones linked to the audio, I could tell when there was a break in the recording so that I could jump in and place laundry bags into lockers.

Besides making jokes about laundry while wearing a hot dog suit or drinking a martini (that one's coming soon!), the new DashLocker commercials are all about getting the word out that there's a new dry cleaning company in town, and we're always open!

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