Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Clean Clothes... And So Much More!

Planning on picking up your freshly cleaned clothes from DashLocker? Make sure to check your bag twice-- inside every DashLocker bag is a surprise for you! We partner with exciting brands like Freshpair and 16 Handles to bring great savings to our customers through coupons and special discounts especially for DashLocker users.

You can shop for your underwear in underwear at Freshpair.com

We pride ourselves on providing clean, printed receipts (forget illegible handwritten receipts!), but check behind the prices for even more cool features. In every returned bag of clean laundry, we provide coupons to local restaurants, clothing shops, and more. If you’re extra lucky, you might get a DashLocker coaster with a fun saying from Bob!

This week we’re excited to announce a new partnership with the Upper East Side restaurant, The Burger Bistro on Third Avenue in between 72nd and 73rd.  Design the perfect burger (I’m thinking organic lamb, goat cheese, and onions), then treat yourself with a free desert using the coupon in your DashLocker bag.  

This burger is an extraordinary feat. So many choices!
 Stay on the lookout for other coupons from new brands and companies in the neighborhood, and if you'd like to be involved in offering a promotion in one of our bags, shoot us an email at [email protected]