Property Managers

Laundry is a sought after amenity that can increase property value and reduce turnover, but adding in-unit laundry or upgrading appliances can be costly. DashLocker is a new way to add personalized laundry options to your property.

When property managers offer DashLocker as an amenity, they dramatically add value for their residents. Instead of spending hours washing, drying and folding, your residents can simply leave their clothes in a locker and continue living their life. DashLocker picks up the laundry and returns it the next day, eliminating laundry concerns for good.

DashLocker is a no cost amenity that places secure lockers in underutilized building spaces. Tenants have 24-hour access to laundry or dry cleaning without having to leave the building.

  • No cost to install
  • Very little space required
  • Add luxury to your property
  • Increase building’s long term worth and tenant satisfaction with self-service access to laundry and dry cleaning
  • Hands off amenity—DashLocker services and provides quality customer support

Residents consider convenient access to places like subway stations, grocery stores and laundromats when looking for a new place to live. Adding DashLocker as an amenity to your property checks one off their list.

Contact us for more information today, and we’ll provide free on-site marketing and a no cost press release.

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You don’t see this offered in many other buildings. I think it’s one way our tenants will recognize that we are looking outside the box.

Aaron Feldman, co-founder of Benchmark Real Estate

Hassle Free Installation

DashLocker is available to you for free. Really. We handle the delivery and installation of lockers at no cost to you, and our drivers are all trained in locker maintenance.

All we need is space to install the lockers, and we’ll complete the install in one business day. The lockers will add to communal areas, or they can be placed in underutilized spaces in your building - transforming basements into fully functional spaces. The installation doesn’t require special hookups, electricity or Wi-Fi. Your residents can start using the lockers immediately.

Instead of increasing spending on expensive electrical and ductwork for new or upgraded laundry rooms, consider adding DashLocker to your building.

  • How does DashLocker increase the value of my property?

    DashLocker adds an amenity to your building at zero cost to you. Your residents will thank you for removing laundry from their to-do lists and freeing up their time. Having DashLocker will make your property more competitive and attractive to residents.

    DashLocker is an eco-friendly virtual laundry concierge service that will cut costs for laundry equipment, water and electricity.

  • How much space do the lockers need?

    The lockers don’t need much space at all, and they promote the use of underutilized spaces in basements, laundry rooms, stairwells or lobby areas. We will customize the number of lockers to fit the space available in your property.

    Locker dimensions: 15” wide x 22” deep x 81” tall.

  • Does DashLocker need access to my property?

    Yes, our drivers will need access to your property so they can pick up and deliver laundry. We know that security is a concern. Rest assured that every DashLocker driver has insurance, has passed a rigorous background check, and has been carefully vetted. Our drivers have regular routes, so your staff and residents will see the same driver each time.

  • How do I get my residents to use DashLocker?

    When you sign up, DashLocker will provide you with free marketing materials to use on site, and will issue a press release at no cost to you. Once your residents see how easy DashLocker is to use, they’ll never want to use the laundromat again.

  • How does DashLocker work?

    Your residents will sign up with DashLocker online or through our app. This account will allow them to place orders, submit payments and more. Once signed up, residents can use DashLocker with just four simple steps:

    1. Leave your laundry. Leave your laundry or dry cleaning in a locker and enter any 4-digit code to lock.
    2. Place an order. Place an order online or through the app. You’ll be able to note anything that requires special attention.
    3. DashLocker does the rest! You will receive notifications when your laundry is picked up, and when it is delivered back to a locker.
    4. Pickup on your schedule. Your laundry is secure in your DashLocker, so you can pick it up whenever is most convenient for you.