Reliable, unique concept and great prices. I just placed an order right now. It is super convenient to have a dry cleaner and wash and fold place that picks up and delivers. You never have to worry about getting there while they are open, which if you work long hours, is pretty much impossible with most dry cleaners. These guys make it so easy.
Sarah L.
The service is clean, efficient and flexible with city life schedules. I also appreciate that they use eco-friendly soap and recycle returned plastic bags. They are competitively priced for the area.
Alena H.
Wonderful new addition to the neighborhood. Superb customer service and great value for the price. I am addicted to Dashlocker.
Matthew P.
Loved the service!
Meredith F.
I’ve had only the best experience with Dashlocker. True, once I wasn’t able to open the locker, but I called customer service, who picked up immediately, and graciously walked me all through the steps so that I was able to get to my laundry within 5 minutes. I once had a question at 5 am, called customer service, left a message, and someone called me back immediately at 9 am. It’s fast, super easy, and the people who answer the phone are so nice. It’s also awesome that with a registered card you’re able to get into the place ANY time of day or night, really helpful for students with crazy schedules haha. I recommend it!
Ellen M.
Love your service. I use it whenever I do laundry now.
Bharani R.
I grabbed a discount coupon from someone as I was walking by DashLocker a couple of weeks ago. As a foodie I tend to get all varieties of delicious stains on my clothes, so I really need a good dry cleaner! The discount made it completely worth it and the service was great (one of my favorite blouses survived a particularly nasty mustard stain beautifully!). I would definitely recommend it for anyone who has not been impressed by their dry cleaning service.
Emi G.
Even though I’m tapering, somehow, my hours never seem to overlap with the dry cleaners, and Dashlocker is AMAZING. I rave about it to everyone I know. It’s open 24/7, and you can lock your dirty clothes in a locker anytime. It gets picked up that night, you get a text to confirm, and you get another text when your clothes have been returned to a locker with the locker # and access code. And you can pick up anytime. I dropped off this week’s dry cleaning at 9:45am Sunday morning en route to Flywheel and picked it up on my way home from the gym tonight at 8:15pm. Convenience is my favorite thing ever.
Elizabeth B.
My husband and I are already in love with your company!
Amy H.
Awesome! Dashlocker lets me get out and live my life while my laundry is being cleaned. Best part is, I just drop my dirty clothes off in the convenience of my apartment and pick them up at the end of my day, all folded and ready to wear another day!
Jane D.