You asked. We Responded. Click below to find answers to all your frequently asked questions about our company, how our services work, the ordering process and more.

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  • Are there any fees to use DashLocker?

    Absolutely not! There are no fees to use the lockers or to access DashLocker locations. There are also no monthly commitments (unless you’d like to sign up for a laundry plan), and you can stop your use of DashLocker at any time without doing anything special.

    All our pricing is done à la carte, which is a fancy French way of saying you are charged for the items you put in our lockers and that’s it.

  • Am I assigned my own locker?

    No, customers are not assigned their own lockers. Simply place your items into any available locker, lock it, and place an order. Depending on the preferences you select on your account, you will receive a text or an e-mail when your laundry has been picked up, and when your fresh, clean items have been returned to an available locker. You will be billed when your order is delivered.

  • How do you know what locker my clothes are in?

    Magic! Just kidding. If you have a permanent DashLocker tag and bag, we can scan that tag and it contains your name, email, and phone number.

    If you don’t have a permanent tag, placing an order lets us connect your name to the bag and locker containing your items. After processing your order, we will then return your clothes with a branded DashLocker bag and a permanent tag.

  • How do you know to pick up my clothes from a locker?

    Placing an order sets everything in motion. DashLocker will notify you when your laundry has been picked up, and again when your fresh, clean items have been returned to an available locker in your building.

    If you have a concierge, you will receive notification when your laundry has been picked up, and again when your fresh, clean items have been returned to your building’s concierge.

  • Getting Started

  • How do I place a dry cleaning or wash & fold order?

    We’ve made sure that using DashLocker is easy. It just takes four simple steps:

    1. Leave your laundry. Leave your laundry or dry cleaning in a locker and enter any 4-digit code to lock.
    2. Place an order. place an order online or through the app. You’ll be able to note anything that requires special attention.
    3. DashLocker does the rest! You will receive notifications when your laundry is picked up, and when it is delivered back to a locker.
    4. Pickup on your schedule. Your laundry is secure in your DashLocker, so you can pick it up whenever is most convenient for you.
  • Do you guys do package delivery?

    It turns out that DashLocker no longer provides package delivery services. We’re working on a way to make package delivery services a viable option again one day, and when we do, you’ll be the first to know!

  • Do I need to lock the locker?

    Yes! Because of the number of lockers available, it would not be feasible to check every single locker at every location. Our Dash Drivers only check locked lockers at all of our New York laundry locations.

    Not locking the locker could result in a delay in your items being picked up and cleaned, or could lead to lost or stolen items.

  • How do I pay for my clothes?

    To pay for items, log into your DashLocker account, click on “Credit Card Settings,” and fill out your billing information. Once your credit card information has been entered it will be securely stored for future order.

    We do not currently accept cash or check for payment.

  • Do I need to upload my credit card information?

    Yes. In order for us to receive payment for your order, you must log into your DashLocker account, click on “Credit Card Settings,” and fill out your billing information. Credit cards are stored on the secure, third party website, Authorize.net.

    Not filling out your credit card information will cause a delay in your order, and we are unable to return items until we have received payment.

  • When will my clothes be cleaned and delivered to a locker?

    DashLocker is open 24 hours a day, and we pick up orders throughout the day. Once your order has been picked up, it will be cleaned and returned to your building’s concierge or a locker within 48 hours.

    If your items require special care or handling, we cannot guarantee 48 hours turnaround times. Special requests may be delayed, but no worries. We will always notify you of any delays. Providing quality cleaning is very important to us, and so we work to balance expected delivery times will garment cleaning quality.

  • What locker will my items be returned to?

    Once your order is ready, we will text or email (depending on the preferences selected on your account) you a new locker number and four-digit pin to retrieve your items.

  • The Down and Dirty

  • My current wash & fold place lets me choose my own detergent, dryer sheets and washing and drying. Does DashLocker let me do the same?

    Absolutely. To request a different detergent or different dryer sheets, simply place an order online or and make a request in the “Notes” section. There will be an extra surcharge for detergent or dryer sheet requests.

    If you would like us to use your own detergent or dryer sheets, place them in your Wash & Fold bag and there will be no extra charge.

    To change your drying or wash temperature preferences, log into your DashLocker account and click “Laundry Settings.”

    To request hand drying, place items to be hung dry in a separate bag inside of your DashLocker Wash & Fold bag. When you place your order, let us know which bag contains hang dry items in the “Notes” section of “Place a New Order.”

  • What is the difference between dry cleaning a shirt and laundering a shirt?

    As much as we would love to bore you with an answer to this question, we think GQ explained it pretty well here.

  • I wash a lot of clothes! Is there any way to save on my laundry costs with DashLocker?

    Of course! If you do a lot of laundry, you can choose monthly plans that help you save on bulk orders. These plans are coming soon.

    Or, if you’re the kind of person who loves spreading the word, you can get involved in our DashCash reward program. DashCash lets you earn rewards for every new customer you help sign up with DashLocker. These rewards can be applied towards laundry or even redeemed for cash!

  • Do you alter or repair items?

    Yes. When you place an order, let us know which items need to be altered or repaired in the “Notes” section of “Place a New Order.”

  • Troubleshooting

  • How do I report lost or damaged items?

    DashLocker makes a reasonable effort to track every item that we process and will review all lost items claims on a case by case basis. Any damaged items must be reported and returned to DashLocker for inspection within 5 business days, but we are much more likely to find misplaced laundry if it is reported within 24 hours.

    Please contact us with regarding any lost or damaged items. We will provide you with a Claims Sheet to submit. A DashLocker customer representative will review the claim with the information you gave, and we will do our best to find a resolution that leaves both parties happy.

  • You guys are open 24/7, but my clothes weren't ready in 24 hours! What gives?

    DashLocker makes laundry and dry cleaning more convenient than the 7am-7pm cleaner by being open all the time. That means you can drop off laundry at 2am on Friday or pick up your clothes at 2pm on Sunday. We solve the problem of not being able to get to the cleaner before it closes.

    Even though our lockers are open for you to pick up and drop off items 24 hours a day, our Dash Drivers only visit locations at set hours.

    There are other factors that may have delayed your order, as well. Here is a list of why your order might be delayed:

    • The locker containing your items was left unlocked.
    • An order was not made for the items.
    • You requested repairs, hang drying, or alterations on an item, all of which can take extra time.
    • You sent in a specialty item such as shoes, rugs, or comforters. These items can take extra time.

    If none of these factors are applicable to your situation, just drop us a line at [email protected]. This email address is monitored by our customer service team, and they will be able to work with you to discover the reason behind the delay in your order.

  • I've tried to add a discount to my account, but I'm getting an error message. Why?

    Oh no! There are a couple of reasons you could be receiving this error message. Check your discount and make sure it’s not for first time users only. If you’ve already placed an order, this coupon won’t work.

    If you are a first time user but the discount still isn’t working, click on “Discounts.” If there’s already a first time discount in your cart, you will not be able to add a new discount. Really want the second discount instead of the first? Email [email protected] and our Customer Service team will help you out.

    Remember, discounts cannot be used in combination with other promotions.

  • I accidentally placed my order online before putting my clothes in a locker. What should I do?

    Don’t panic! Email [email protected] and our customer service team will delete your false order and create a new one in the correct locker.

  • Using Your DashLocker Account

  • How do I add a discount to my order?

    Log into your DashLocker account and click on “Discounts.” Then insert the discount code into the field. You can refresh the page to view your discounts.

  • I have more than one discount. Can I use them both?

    Right now, all of our discounts and promotions (including promotions run through third parties) cannot be used in combination with other promotions. That means you can only apply one discount to any DashLocker order. Don’t worry, though! You can save your second discount and apply it to a second order.

  • I see this "Dash Cash" thing on my account. How does that work?

    Dash Cash is the DashLocker referral program that rewards customers for spreading the word and helping people sign up. Log into your DashLocker account and click on “Dash Cash Rewards” to learn how to start earning points and to find your unique referral code.

  • How do I let you know if I have special instructions for my order?

    When you place an order, let us know your special instructions by filling out the “Notes” section of “Place a New Order.” Just a heads up: special requests can delay orders by at least one business day.