I passed a DashLocker storefront, but your website says you’re in apartment buildings, too! How do these locations differ?

DashLocker makes New York laundry and dry cleaning more convenient by being open and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our storefront locations are great because they let busy people access their clothes at any time, but having DashLocker in your apartment building is even more convenient because, well, it’s closer! No more braving bad weather to pick up laundry and you can pick it up whenever you want? Now that’s awesome!

If DashLocker is in your apartment building, you will need to check the service schedule for your building by logging into your account to see our turnaround times. Each apartment building is different based on size and volume. You will also need to place an order, which will let our drivers know they should stop by to get your clothes.

Using a DashLocker storefront is different. Because the volume in our stores is naturally higher, we service these locations every day.

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