License DashLocker and Increase Laundromat Profits

Start providing unmanned, 24/7 locations and gain access to a new market

You’ve reached the maximum profit you can make with one store, but you don’t want the hassle of managing multiple store fronts. DashLocker is here to help.

Create a network of unmanned laundry locations and use a pick up and drop off loop to service those locations from one plant. Grow your customer base and increase profits all while minimizing management expense by licensing with DashLocker. You could service an entire city from one base location!

Contact us to learn how you can get:

  • State of the art laundry tracking software that cuts time and minimizes item misplacement
  • 24/7 automated drop off and pick up locations
  • A strong brand with included marketing and PR support
  • Penetration of new markets
  • Software training and consulting