Remember car rental pre-ZipCar? You’re in the last days of dry cleaning pre-DashLocker.

Customers are paying, the website is live and the press digs it. What we need now is a first class team that wakes up every morning spreading our word to customers and strategic partners.

What’s the product? Glad you asked. It’s an automated, eco-friendly answer to dry cleaning and laundry that gives customers part of their life back. We’ve been told it’s “a remarkably clever solution to a seemingly inevitable problem”. Not exactly a difficult sell.

Who are we? We’re the future. Young, fun and full of potential. More opportunity than a staid old brand, and with an attitude that smiles on creativity and risk. We even stomp on the bubble wrap when new shipments come in…

What are our needs? Enthusiastic, first-class attitudes with a willingness to engage customers and clients at any and every level.

We’re accepting resumes for the following roles:

You’ve got the entrepreneurial drive, the take-charge attitude and the ambition to make things happen. We’re ready for you.

Do it.

Resumes: [email protected]

  • 1 page PDF format only
  • Full name and the position you’re applying for in the subject
    (eg “Alex Trebek – Marketing Associate”)
  • The body of the email should include a cover letter and your contact information
  • Emails sent to our customer support address ([email protected]) will be deleted

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